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Discover These Unique Holidays During November

November is considered a big holiday month because of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. Many people also look forward to Black Friday sales that signal the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. What you may not realize is that November is chock full of unique celebratory days.

These amusing, thoughtful and wacky days deserve special attention too:

Book Lovers Day – 11/2Celebrate your bookish ways on this day.

Deviled Egg Day – 11/2

Got a hankering for deviled eggs? This is the day to enjoy as many as you can eat.

Look for Circles Day – 11/2

Anyone looking for circles on this day is sure to find plenty!

Housewife Day – 11/3

Celebrate the housewife, or househusband, that makes coming home worthwhile.

Sandwich Day – 11/3

This is the day to enjoy your most favorite sandwiches.

Saxophone Day – 11/6

Listen to music performed by great jazz saxophone players such as John Coltrane, Stan Getz and Charlie Parker.

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day – 11/7

As if anyone needs an excuse to indulge in chocolate.

USMC Day – 11/10

This is the day the United States Marine Corps was created back in 1775. Thank a Marine for their service.

Young Readers Day – Second Tuesday

Encourage a child to read a book.

World Kindness Day – 11/13

Take a moment to show kindness to someone.

Operating Room Nurse Day – 11/14

This day recognizes the dedication and contributions of hard working nurses.

Clean Your Refrigerator Day – 11/15

Roll up your sleeves and clear out old food, spills and mold.

America Recycles Day – 11/15

Go green and recycle.

Button Day – 11/16

Proudly wear your message button.

Have a Party with Your Bear Day – 11/16

It’s a great day for a Teddy bear party.

Homemade Bread Day – 11/17

Bake or eat fresh homemade bread.

Take a Hike Day – 11/17

Go for a relaxing hike.

World Peace Day – 11/17

Make the world a better place by promoting peace and harmony.

Beautiful Day – 11/20

Find something beautiful to appreciate.

National Parfait Day – 11/25

Spoil yourself with a delicious ice cream treat.

Make Your Own Head Day – 11/28

Draw, paint or sculpt your head.

Buy Nothing Day – 11/29

Blissfully enjoy not spending money.

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